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You can’t measure cyber risk– but you can gauge how ready you are.

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Addressing cybersecurity in a structured way mitigates cyber risk. By increasing risk management effectiveness, creating a broader risk culture, and managing partner and vendor risk, you improve not only security, but operational excellence as well.

Risk Management

Risk Management comprises policies, processes, procedures, and technologies needed to manage and mitigate cyber risk. It is a critical portion of the total cyber risk challenge.

Risk Culture

Risk can emerge anywhere within an organization. Risk Culture concerns the level of buy-in and commitment to risk management by people who don’t have direct responsibility for it.

Risk Influence

Risk Influence measures the level of care taken by the organization in selecting and managing partners and vendors according to the level of risk they add to the network.

The Cybernance Platform brings a shared model, structured processes, and expert guidance to bridge the communication chasm between key stakeholders. It enables collaboration and creates standard assessments across organizations and industries.

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